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How to use the Hubside cutting machine?


When applying a premium protective film using the special cleaning and application spray provided, which is called "wet" application, the application liquid leaves visible traces on the screen for 24 hours.

This is completely normal, because despite the "masking", the gel will gradually dilute over the entire surface of the screen, to ensure optimal protection.

This dilution is gradual, and takes up to 24 hours.
To the eye, this gel density may look like greasy stains.

After 24 hours, these wet traces will have completely disappeared. For a good customer experience, it is necessary to explain this point to your consumers.

Similarly, it is recommended to carefully store your smartphone for the first 24 hours, until the film is perfectly adhered and solidified.

I install and turn on the machine:

The H4 software developed for Hubside is already installed and configured, in French. All you have to do is connect the machine to wifi, and you can make your first cuts in less than a minute!

I discover the application integrated into the machine:

Over 15,000 templates available in the app. Real-time update of the latest smartphones and tablets. The machine needs to be connected to the internet to work.

I launch a custom cut

Ultra-resistant, our universal film is made of 9H equivalent TPU, the most extreme resistance against all daily shocks.

How to apply the film easily

A simple and intuitive installation, dry or wet (using the spray) according to the preference of the user. Wet laying makes it easier to reposition the film when adjusting to the screen.

I manage my film refills, and I access my sales stats

In order to guarantee a unique experience, and offer a perfectly controlled quality promise from start to finish, only the films available from Hubside are compatible with the Hubside cutting machine.

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